How to avoid critical mistakes in business tax compliance planning

Now is the time to work on your tax compliance planning for businesses. But are you doing it correctly? Are you missing anything important? Some potential errors may be straightforward, while others may be less obvious but no less important. State tax compliance in particular is a tricky area for businesses, with many new and changing issues to consider. This one-hour webinar will identify these potential mistakes – and suggest solutions for overcoming them. Examples include:

Mistake — Not keeping up with recent changes in federal tax law and state conformity to those changes.
Mistake – Not keeping track of recent state developments in the area of corporate income tax nexus
Mistake — Not considering the state tax treatment of out-of-state businesses providing relief services in states affected by disasters or emergencies
Mistake — Not identifying the state tax filing obligations of multi-tiered business entities operating in multiple states
Mistake — Not taking full advantage of state income tax credits and incentives available in a particular geographic area

By attending this webinar you will not only learn about the key potential mistakes you need to avoid now, but also how to improve your processes with industry-leading online tools and resources. .

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